Casting – Five ingredients challenge

Prestigo Média is currently casting TVOs new cooking show – the Five Ingredients Challenge! As such, we’re seeking two talents aged between 8 and 10 years old to become our star chefs!

You have until November 2 2021 to register! Only selected candidates will be contacted. Please do not follow up.

FAQ (for the parents)
– What is TVO?
TVO is the publicly funded English-language educational broadcaster of Ontario. They offer a wide variety of programming for the whole family. Five Ingredients Challenge will be part of TVOKids programming. To find out more :
– What is Prestigo Média?
Prestigo Média is a Gatineau based production company that specialises in youth content both on stage and on television. The team has been working with Canada’s biggest broadcasters both in French and in English. To find out more ;
– Is this a paid position?
Yes! Although a non-union set, we will offer competitive compensation for our main cast.
– Is my child going to miss school for this project ?
Although we’re still adjusting our schedule, the answer is yes. Between the months of January and February we estimate that our cast will have to be on set for approximately 6 school days. The rest of filming days will be on saturdays.
– How is my child going to be taken in charge once on set?
Prestigo Média has very high standards with regard to the quality of experience we offer both for our public but also on set. We hand-picked a seasoned team both creative and technical to make sure our set is pleasant, professional and comfortable. Specifics will be communicated in due course.
– How many episodes will my child be included in?
Five Ingredients Challenge is set to film 40 episodes of 3 minutes. Our main cast will appear in the vast majority (38) or in each and every episode (40).
– How long would the filming days be?
A normal day of filming will be 9 hours. We will take 2 hours to film each episode and we will film 4 episodes a day for a total of 8 hours. Our cast will be entitled to breaks between each episode as well as a one hour lunch.
– What are the safety measures in place to prevent any COVID outbreaks?
The AQPM is the governing body of all producers in Québec and that statutes on the protocols to be respected on sets throughout production. Their protocols are amongst the most severe and comprehensive in the Province. Following these protocols as well as keeping a watchful eye on the situations on both sides of the river will allow us to create the best environment for our cast but also the technical team. Specifics will be communicated in due course.