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Atlas was born on the day he was born, between two continents, jet-lagged, and has never lost his bearings since.

Nomadic since childhood, it is said that a suitcase served as his cradle. On one of his travels, he met a clown named Hilarof, who introduced him to the wonderful world of the circus, which he never left. He grew up with his jugglers, acrobats and fire-eaters under the colors of his multicolored big top, where he was taught everything he needed to know. He was particularly good at geography, and even knew of islands that didn’t appear on any map.

He has always been curious and thirsty for discovery. For him, the world is a vast playground to explore, filled with beauty and diversity. A humanist with a big heart, he’s interested in everything our beautiful earth has to offer.

An avid dreamer, he enjoys sunbathing under the stars, dancing in the rain and watching sunsets with his head turned upside down.