Through innovation and through effective art project management, promotion and marketing practices, Prestigo delivers solid results for its artists built on its experience throughout Canada since 2006.

Daniel Coutu


Daniel Coutu has been fired up by magic since age seven, in time turning a simple hobby into a genuine passion. His extraordinary shows combine humour, animation, theatre, science, and (of course) music. To date, more than 600,000 people from across Canada have witnessed his amazing talents through Science or Magic. A magician, entertainer, and singer, Daniel Coutu has blazed new trails in his craft by combining magic with music. He also hosts the TV shows Par ici la magie and Code MAX on ICI Radio-Canada.

Yan Imbault

Atlas Géocircus

Yan Imbault (aka Atlas GéoCircus) has been active in the circus sector since 2001. From juggler to stilt-walker to entertainer, this man of a thousand talents has thrilled and delighted young and old alike with his creations. After charming families with nearly 500 performances across Canada, in 2015 he launched a second edition of the show and released a music album. He has also appeared on TFO programs for young people (Au Défi!, Les Hippaloulas, etc.).

Victor Vermette

Bill Bestiole

Victor Vermette (aka Bill Bestiole) is no ordinary entomologist. While most insect buffs keep a low profile and avoid the public sphere, Victor is the first since 2003 to speak in defence of bugs and explain their world to the public. He has since met with tens of thousands of Canadian children and changed most of their views on insects and arachnids. How many have confronted their phobias and been transformed by their encounter with Victor and his six- and eight-legged friends? Victor has played the character of Bill Bestiole since 2015 and will be touring Canada in the next few years.

Marc Trudel


Two-time Canadian magic champion and first-ever recipient of the Grand Prix de Magie Michel Cailloux, Marc Trudel is not just a seasoned professional magician but a creator, the author of several books, a consultant, and a teacher respected by his peers. He has been performing magic shows since 2002.

Gordon Robert


A folk music devotee, Gordon is a multi-instrumentalist with “many strings on his bow,” as they say (guitar, violin, mandolin, harmonica). Through his instruments and voice, he invites kids to discover their roots and to understand and love the music of our past. With both gentleness and passion, Gordon’s songs invite children to “sing, dance, jump,” and enter a world where legends suddenly come alive.