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Yan Imbault


Yan Imbault, aka Atlas GéoCircus, has been actively involved in circus arts since 2001. From juggler to stilt-walker to animator, this man of a thousand talents is sure to delight young and old alike with his creations!

After winning over many families with nearly 500 performances across Canada, Atlas GéoCircus, a 2nd opus of his show accompanied by a musical album, was launched in 2015. Yan has also appeared on TFO’s children’s TV shows Au Défi! and Les Hippaloulas.


I’m really glad you’re visiting my website! Come and discover with me the beauty of the universe and the planets that surround us. I look forward to seeing you on my intergalactic journey through one of my shows!


Discover more about our globe while having fun and singing Atlas Géocircus has some tunes for you to dance and hum along to!


Atlas in space

After visiting the 4 corners of a round planet, Atlas Géocircus, looks up to the sky and sets off to conquer space. Destination: infinity! A “truly spatial” circus show where, through a clownish adventure, the greatest expedition of all time is planned. Planets, moons, rings, comets, gravity, space waste and galaxies, Atlas explores it all with its audience of curious young people. Atlas will seek answers to the biggest existential questions: can we juggle on the moon? Can we make wire between 2 stars? Where is the cosmos? Rediscover this playful and intergalactic globetrotter, tightrope walker and comet juggler in his brand new show which combines circus, interstellar humor and above all, which offers an experience opening a door to the Milky Way and the stars… See you in the depths of the galaxy !

After visiting the 4 corners of a round planet, Atlas Géocircus, raises the eyes to the sky and sets off to conquer space.
5 to 12 years or 12 to 17 years

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