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Daniel Coutu has been into magic since the age of 7. From a simple hobby, he has turned it into a real passion. He creates extraordinary acts that combine humour, animation, theater, science and, of course, music. To date, with his show Science ou Magie, over 600,000 people across Canada have witnessed his astounding talent!

A magician, host and singer, Daniel Coutu is breaking new ground with a proposal that combines magic and music! Daniel also hosts the TV shows Par ici la magie and Code MAX on ICI Radio-Canada.


What a pleasure it is to welcome you to my magical world, a world that combines science, magic and a love of discovery. Looking forward to meeting you soon!

Discover Famille Magique

Saturdays at 10 a.m., on Radio-Canada or online at Extra and on Radio-Canada’s Zone Jeunesse website!


C'est Merveilleux

In this new science-magic show, Daniel Coutu explores the world of wonder. We discover that magic is more than a puzzle that piques our curiosity. It’s a happy amalgamation between incomprehension and poetry. Wonder is experienced in the beauty that surpasses us. In the happy that cannot be explained. In the mystery that bewitches us. The star of the shows “Science ou Magie”, “Parici lamagique” and “Code Max”, invites you to discover surprising phenomena which will surely amaze young and old. You too, after this show, will exclaim: “It’s wonderful!” »

In this new scientificomagical show, Daniel Coutu explores the world of wonder.
5 to 12 years or 12 to 17 years

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