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The story of a gifted magician who listened to his passions and took his destiny into his own hands.

Things could have started very badly for Daniel Coutu. In kindergarten, the words “Difficulty integrating into the group” appear on his report card, and he’s always criticized for speaking “too loudly” and “disturbing” others. In short, the start of the 1990 school year did not bode well for young Daniel’s parents.

Fortunately, magic intervened.

At the age of seven, Daniel received magic for his birthday, wrapped in a “Houdini” set.

A treasure chest that he would never leave his childhood, as if he had been given a passion as a gift. And that’s exactly what we did. Quickly gifted in the art of prestidigitation, the looks of the adults around him turned to “wow”, “bravo” and “how can you do that? Carried away by this wave of compliments, Daniel developed a self-confidence that would never leave him and had a major impact on his academic success: he graduated from high school in 2002 with the Governor General’s Academic Medal and the Lieutenant Governor’s Award of Quebec (a rare double!).

Daniel Coutu was destined for a lengthy higher education and a career in entrepreneurship, his second passion. Against all odds, he chose instead to listen to his inner voice and follow a road often strewn with pitfalls: the artistic road. He took the gamble of abandoning everything and letting Houdini out of his box; he took the gamble of becoming what he always wanted to be: a magician!
A gamble he won. A few months later, he was spotted by Quebec’s favorite diva, Natalie Choquette, who invited him to take part in a concept show with her. At eighteen, his stage presence, unique body language, bass voice and cartoonish sense of humor make him the ideal candidate to share the stage with our national diva. The production premiered in February 2004 at Théâtre Maisonneuve in Montreal, and in April at the Grand Théâtre de Québec.

And it’s not over yet! In August of the same year, he and a fellow magician won second place in the Abbott Magic Competition, held in Michigan in front of over 500 magicians from all over the U.S., as well as Australia, Germany and Japan. A great recognition from his peers!

Show with Natalie Choquette
daniel coutu enfant
Daniel receives magic on his birthday
daniel coutu ado
Daniel Coutu at the age of 19

“A sublime performance that captivates children and their parents alike.

Chantal Murray, Journal de Montréal

A passion for knowledge and for children.

An unexpected turn in the young magician’s career. A hyperactive creator, he came up with the idea of combining his talents as a communicator, actor and magician to capture children’s attention, while teaching them academic concepts such as science and mathematics. In short, he wants to make learning more interesting for the duration of a show, thanks to magic. Obviously, it’s a way of “giving to the next generation”.

But he couldn’t find a producer for his (excellent) idea. In 2005, he borrowed $15,000 to self-produce Science ou Magie? a show aimed at young audiences. The results were not long in coming: in 2006, it was chosen as a showcase at 5 of the country’s biggest performing arts markets, including the renowned RIDEAU selection. More than 600 performances for 180,000 children have since been given, both in theaters and schools.

To meet the demanding logistical requirements of such a tour, he surrounded himself with a team and created his own small business: Les Productions Prestigo. His two passions (magic and entrepreneurship) take shape in a single project! (His company now employs several people and is dedicated to developing his own projects, as well as others for young audiences. Her early accomplice, Natalie Choquette, is one of the artists benefiting from the youth expertise developed since 2006, for her new project “La Diva Malbouffa”).

Of course, his magical career has not gone unnoticed in the Outaouais region, Daniel Coutu’s birthplace. In October 2008, he was awarded the “Arts de la scène” prize at the prestigious Culturiades.

daniel coutu affiche
Daniel's first self-produced show
Science or Magic?

“Every skeptic wants to understand!

Valérie Lessard, Radio-Canada

A show turned trilogy and DVD series

Thanks to this new team, and following the national success of Science ou Magie? the autumn of 2008 is an effervescent month for the magician-producer. A major partnership with science magazine Les Débrouillards takes shape. Daniel becomes magic columnist for Les Explorateurs magazine! Also in 2008, a DVD of his “Science ou Magie? show (with educational and humorous vignettes) is released for national distribution with Distribution Sélect.

By popular demand, Daniel began writing a new opus in the “Science ou Magie” series, entitled “Méchant Phénomène”, a new show which saw the light of day in 2010. Showcased in January and November 2010, the response has been unanimous: another successful tour is on the way!

Keen to pass on his passion even further, in August 2010 he will be launching a DVD series entitled “J’apprends la magie”, video capsules produced in collaboration with the Débrouillards team. In 2013, the third installment of the Science ou Magie series, “Incroyable Expérience”, will be released, with a tour that will take in the four corners of French-speaking Canada.

spectacle science ou magie 2
Science ou Magie 2 show

“Daniel Coutu is special. He is stunning.

Denis Gratton, Le Droit

From stage to TV

Finally,since September 2014, it’s been possible to follow Daniel’s adventures on TV, in the series Par ici la magie, Science ou Magie, Code Max, Bestiole et Cie, C’est magique and Famille Magique broadcast across the country on ICI Radio-Canada Télé.

We’re now in 2024, and that’s just the beginning, with many more projects to come.

par ici la magie affiche
Daniel on Ici Radio-Canada

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