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bill bestiole
For several years now, I’ve been presenting my show Les insectes on stage across Canada. I’ve had the good fortune to teach the world of entomology to nearly 200,000 children in every Canadian province. I’ve also released an album of humorous and educational songs about insects.

You can also watch me on Radio-Canada’s various platforms in my new program Bestioles et cie. where you can follow my adventures as I dive into the fascinating world of insects. It’s a unique way to discover the importance of insects on our planet.

Finally, this year I’m offering a brand new show, Creatures of the Jurassic, featuring critters and fossils from prehistoric times, the dinosaurs! I use my humor, my passion and the all-natural magic of insects, reptiles and arthropods to demystify these unknown animals. I’ll be doing it all my life, because it’s my greatest passion! All my life I will repeat:
We don't say Ouache! We say WOW!