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Daniel Coutu, Sebastien Cimpaye, Jeanne Bellefeuille

Format: 26 x 23 min / Target audience: 6 to 12 and co-viewing / Genre: Comedy, Fantasy

A Magic Family Show is a live-action sitcom about a weird but endearing family with insane supernatural powers, trying to live a normal life in a house as exuberant as them. It’s not always easy to live all together and keep the family’s secret from everyone else!

Saturday 10 am on ICI Télé

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6 to 12 years olds


Daniel Coutu Magicien

Format: 48 x 5 min + 30 x 15 min / Target Audience: 6 to 10 / Genre: Comedy

Magician Daniel Coutu pulls off, step by step, 108 magic tricks using everyday items as props. Easy to follow, every kid will be able to amaze parents and friends with their sleight of hand. Designed to be easily taught and adapted for kids, these tricks will surprise you every time!

Canadian distribution: Ici Radio-Canada
International distribution: Prestigo Médias

Ici Radio-Canada télé

6 to 10 year olds


Émilie Woods, Victor Vermette, Daniel Coutu

Format: 30 x 13 min / Target Audience: 6 to 12 / Genre: Edutainment

Critters and co immerses you in the heart of the fascinating realm of the infinitesimally small. Bill Critter and Emilie are living in a wooded neighborhood which is the perfect place to discover surprising and perplexing critters. This series invites young people to tame their fears, to understand the importance of all these underestimated critters and how much they have an impact on our lives.

ICI Radio-Canada Télé

6 to 12 year olds


Tristan Demers

Format: 65 x 3 min / Target Audience: 8 to 10 / Genre: Comedy

Hosted in a playful and entertaining way, Arts & Pranks is a series of shorts aimed at 8 to 10 year olds. Live from his art studio, our host Tristan Demers explains step by step how to make a hilarious DIY which will delight your kids.

ICI Radio-Canada Télé

8 to 10 year olds


Mélia Coutu, Alys Coutu, Daniel Coutu

Format: 40 x 3 min / Target Audience: 7 to 12 / Genre: Comedy

Mélia (10 years old) and Alys (8 years old) are two endearing and smiling sisters. Their challenge: making recipes with only five ingredients! Aimed at 7 to 12 year olds and full of humour and spontaneity, the show offers several simple recipes to cook with family or friends, and for all occasions: pajama parties, birthdays, holidays…

ICI Radio-Canada Télé

7 to 12 year olds


Mélia Coutu, Alys Coutu, Yoherlandy Tajeiro Garcia

Format: 8 x 3 min / Target Audience: 5 to 12 / Genre: Comedy

After the success of their previous show: The 5 Ingredients Challenge, Alys and Mélia Coutu are back with The Ultimate Dance Challenge. In this show, their goal is to create original movements inspired by their daily lives, and challenge the professional choreographer Yoherlandy Tajeiro Garcia to integrate them into real amazing choreographies that they will then perform!

ICI Radio-Canada Télé

5 to 12 year olds


Daniel Coutu and Yannick Bergeron

Format: 32 x 13 min / Target Audience: 6 to 10 / Genre: Comedy

Hosted by magician Daniel Coutu (and his comedic alter-egos), Science or Magic is a quirky show whose offbeat host is bursting with wild ideas and—even more importantly—boundless curiosity. With the help of his friend, Yannick Bergeron, the show explores a new science-based theme each episode—giving young people a chance to learn about earth’s gravity, air pressure, magnetism, and much more. And since we’re dealing with a magician, we must be prepared for illusion to win out over reality!

ICI Radio-Canada Télé

6 to 10 year olds


Daniel Coutu

Format: 5 x 23 min / Target Audience: 5 to 12 / Genre: Comedy

It’s magic is magician Daniel Coutu’s great theatrical adventure. In this show, Daniel invites families into his magical universe. Recorded in front of a live audience, Daniel offers magic tricks and skits that will amaze kids and their families.

ICI Radio-Canada Télé

5 to 12 year olds