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At one year old, Kalimba had the nickname baby sun. Between them, she became a baby storm. A veritable whirlwind of emotions that leaves its mark like a tornado passing through the lives of those around her. Her first theater? The kitchen Her first audience? Her family Sociable like her mother, lively like her dad, creative like her grandmother and insecure like her grandfather, this happy mix has made Kalimba a sensitive and dynamic artist who has always invented numbers to perform. to laugh, to move, to share your passion… Whether dancing, singing or writing songs, Kalimba vibrates to the rhythm of his emotions. From 2012 to 2016, accompanied by her friend DJ Martine Bao, she visited hundreds of cities across Canada to meet thousands of young French-speaking people with whom she shared her passion for music!

Her show Au coeur du rhythm has been presented more than 450 times and allowed him to share the songs from his first album throughout the Canadian Francophonie! At the heart of the rhythm was even found on a DVD and carved out a place in the hearts of families.

In 2016, Kalimba experienced a life-changing event: a move! Despite the immense challenge she had to face, the change of house, neighborhood, teacher and friends inspired her more than ever; The new show Ça Déménage saw the light of day at the beginning of 2017, with 10 new compositions that can be found on his second album which “Déménage” more than ever! 2023 is the year of great achievements! Kalimba grows, changes, transforms and discovers its brand new face. Thanks to everything around her and especially with the help of her instruments, she composes new songs to face the difficulties that present themselves to her at any time of the day! With inexhaustible energy, she manages to transmit her passion, share her tips on a daily basis and encourage everyone she meets to do the same!

Kalimba is a colorful, creative and sensitive character who vibrates night and day to the rhythm of the young people around her.